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Art Gallery
The Art Gallery at Wines by Jennifer
The Art Gallery at Wines by Jennifer
The Art Gallery at Wines by Jennifer


Come relax with your food and wine in our Art Gallery, which comprises several intimate seating areas in the lower level of Wines by Jennifer, each adorned with beautiful artwork from our Featured Artist. Our Featured Artists rotate on a regular basis, so there are always fresh and interesting works for you to enjoy or purchase.

In addition to the Featured Artwork, we also have on permanent display and for sale several beautiful ceramic and woodworking pieces.


March - June, 2011 Featured Artist:

Lance Duffin

"The Foodie Project"

Artist's Bio

Lance Duffin holds a BA and an MA in Art History from the University of Utah and has taught Art History and Photography on a university level for over 15 years. Throughout the past two decades, he has worked within the visual arts as teacher, curator, critic, art consultant, Marketing Director and visual artist.

As a photographer, Lance works with a wide variety of traditional film and digital cameras to capture images ranging from dark and mysterious to vividly colored and highly detailed. He has exhibited his work in numerous commercial and non-profit galleries.

Gardener, runner, skier and passionate foodie, Lance currently lives in Kansas City, Missouri with his wife and two children.

Artist's Statement

In every culture, country and city, food plays vital and significant roles. Much more than a means of survival and health, food is an integral part of countless religious, ethnic and social practices, community gatherings and celebrations. Food provides a connection between families and generations and a connection between humans and their environment. It provides a great source of pride and creativity for the artisans who work each day to provide the very best food and drink. And, ultimately food is an immense source of personal enjoyment: from the visual beauty of food itself, to the first taste of a dish as its flavors explode across the taste buds, to the joy of sharing a great dining experience with friends and loved ones.

“The Foodie Project” is a loving celebration of the culture of food - a celebration of the beauty of food itself, the dedicated artisans and purveyors of quality food, and the rich social, religious and personal roles that food plays in our communities and our lives. “The Foodie Project” has been an immensely rewarding experience and a perfect synthesis of my complete obsession with all things food and my desire to contribute to the artistic community. For a foodie and an artist it has been a true pleasure to eat and photograph my way through many of the country’s greatest cafes, markets, restaurants and stores.

For over six years I have let my taste buds, my passions, my artistic sense and the advice of other foodies direct the locations, individuals and images in this ever-growing body of work. Throughout this time, I have met many fascinating people, eaten a lot of amazing meals and captured thousands of images. And yet, I have only touched the proverbial “tip of the iceberg” of great and important food here and abroad.



Visit Lance's website for more information on him and his beautiful work.


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