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Art Gallery
The Art Gallery at Wines by Jennifer
The Art Gallery at Wines by Jennifer
The Art Gallery at Wines by Jennifer


Come relax with your food and wine in our Art Gallery, which comprises several intimate seating areas in the lower level of Wines by Jennifer, each adorned with beautiful artwork from our Featured Artist. Our Featured Artists rotate on a regular basis, so there are always fresh and interesting works for you to enjoy or purchase.

In addition to the Featured Artwork, we also have on permanent display and for sale several beautiful ceramic and woodworking pieces.


March - June, 2010 Featured Artist:

Christopher Jordan


Artist's Statement

When I tell someone that I am a photographer with a particular interest in fine art landscapes, they generally express interest in where and how I work. Telling them that I pursue this passion in the Midwest/Great Lakes area produces anything from genuine interest to polite confusion to downright skepticism. I have been told many times that there must not be much to photograph if I’m not going "out West". This is unfortunate, because the diversity of the Midwestern landscape is really quite amazing. Any geographic area that contains rivers, streams, waterfalls, lakes, wetlands, swamps, forest of all types, prairies, savannahs, dunes, canyons, cliffs and an extensive variety of plants and animals must have something of interest for the attentive photographer.

One of my greatest joys is finding some surprising detail or unexpected landscape that reveals its own personal beauty based on time of day, time of year, and weather conditions. My passion is the exploration of natural beauty and hidden gems in the eastern half of the United States, with an emphasis on the Great Lakes region. The landscape here is sometimes referred to as “subtle” or “quiet”. This can be recognition of the type of beauty found here, or it can be a polite way of saying “boring”. I definitely choose the former interpretation, and constantly strive to find images and scenes that express that belief. In fact, I would gently suggest that those leaning towards the latter interpretation should look again with a little more care and attention. I hope that this passion will be contagious in some small way, and that viewers of my work will find that their eyes are attuned a little more to the joys of exploring the natural landscape just outside their own door.



More examples of Christopher's amazing photographs may be found at his website.


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