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Art Gallery


Come visit the lower level at Wines By Jennifer and view all the beautiful artwork while relaxing with your glass of wine. The Art Gallery is a very comfortable atmosphere, and all of the artwork on the walls are for sale by the Featured Artist.

July-October, 2004 Featured Artists

Eve Kraun and Vickie Raye Boggs

Artist Backgrounds

    Eve Kraun

    Eve was born in Arizona and lived overseas for most of her early childhood: Australia, New Guinea, New Zealand and the Philippines. Her first profession was medicine. She was a private practice pediatrician for 10 years and now volunteers occasionally at a free pediatric clinic. Her art career began in 2000 when she retired from medicine, although the influences began long before that.

    The multimedia pieces are a combination of collaged paper and fabric (handmade, printed, recycled, bought and found), acrylic paint and other mediums.

    The support is ¼ inch hardwood plywood mounted on a ¾ inch hardwood plywood frame. After the wood is primed with a transparent acrylic medium, the paper is applied intuitively with PVA glue or Acrylic Matte Medium. Natural papers are combined with exciting brighter prints that add color and light. After several layers of paper, acrylic paint is applied either abstractively or in a pattern from nature. Often-used subjects are trees, grasses and other forms of plant life. The works are then finished with a protective layer of medium.

    Eve also enjoys oil painting. Most of the scenes are from past travels. She has a series of flower pieces that depict bright invigorating flowers contained in old recycled buckets.

    "Nature is a place to visit our origins and find ourselves. Under a canopy of trees, or the broadest of prairie vistas, in wetlands or dunes, we encounter feelings of freedom and relax with thoughts, bold and clear.

    The sounds of nature, winds in trees, birds, the elements of peace and solitude, free of the influences of modern society.

    I am impressed by the color and design found in nature. I interpret landscapes. My work is a dynamic expression of patterns, color and light as a backdrop of nature, superimposing the simplicity of trees and plants on complex natural backgrounds. Each paper and pattern in my collages is meant to be part of a whole, unique, yet natural element.

    I have lived and visited many countries, Papua-New Guinea, Australia, New Zealand, Africa, Philippines and Sweden, during my early childhood. My early adulthood was spent training and practicing as a physician, specializing in pediatrics. I try to express the views that are my backgrounds, blending cultural differences yet maintaining the character that makes them unique."

    Vickie Raye Boggs

    Born in El Paso, TX, Vickie is married to James Boggs, with whom she has two children.

    Vickie earned her BFA from Stephens College in Columbia, MO, and has also studied at the University of Madrid and UMKC. She earned her MA from Park University.

    Vickie was the owner and graphic designer of AB Graphics for 13 years. For the past 15 years, she has been a teacher in Liberty.

    She currently is available for private commissions for murals and furniture. Vickie is a former member of Northland Exposure Gallery, and has exhibited in El Paso Galleria National, Plaza Art Fair, and “Murals” in Liberty.



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