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Art Gallery
The Art Gallery at Wines by Jennifer
The Art Gallery at Wines by Jennifer
The Art Gallery at Wines by Jennifer


Come relax with your food and wine in our Art Gallery, which comprises several intimate seating areas in the lower level of Wines by Jennifer, each adorned with beautiful artwork from our Featured Artist. Our Featured Artists rotate on a regular basis, so there are always fresh and interesting works for you to enjoy or purchase.

In addition to the Featured Artwork, we also have on permanent display and for sale several beautiful ceramic and woodworking pieces.


July - October, 2010 Featured Artist:

Katie Szalay

Artist's Statement

I started shooting in 2001 with my fatherís í72 Konica T3 and enrolled in the Fine Arts program at the University of Missouri - Kansas City with an emphasis on photography. I was immediately drawn to the mysterious ways of the camera obscura, the black box in which time becomes trapped and then brought back to life as photographs on paper. Working in the darkroom was both challenging and liberating, and I felt a surge of pride as my images appeared in the developing chemicals beneath the red hue of the safe lights. Most of the time Iíd feel successful to get three or four great frames out of 48, but sometimes Iíd find that unexpected image that Iíd almost forgotten about that would surprise me with its unintentional beauty and simplicity, and thatís where my appreciation for the quiet intimacy of a subject grew into what I now consider to be a reflection of how I perceive things. Switching to digital in í07 had a profound effect not only on my work ethic but also acted as a catalyst to amp up my creativity and focus as an artist. I continue to learn and evolve through the immediacy and instant gratification of the digital world.

Throughout the years, my camera has been a necessary element as my travels took me places. New Orleans, Kansas City, Key West, Costa Rica and Los Angeles are among some of my favorite locations to shoot, although I do not need a destination to find inspiration. I have an infinite curiosity in how the simple beauty of something such as a flower floating in water can evoke complex feelings of serenity, nostalgia, loneliness or sorrow. The impact of light and dark, sun and shadow, that becomes transformed into a photograph creates a sympathetic voice in an otherwise soundless void. Capturing the purity and stillness of a moment, to me, is what I hope to achieve through my artwork.



More examples of Katie's amazing photographs may be found at her website.


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