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Art Gallery
The Art Gallery at Wines by Jennifer
The Art Gallery at Wines by Jennifer
The Art Gallery at Wines by Jennifer


Come relax with your food and wine in our Art Gallery, which comprises several intimate seating areas in the lower level of Wines by Jennifer, each adorned with beautiful artwork from our Featured Artist. Our Featured Artists rotate on a regular basis, so there are always fresh and interesting works for you to enjoy or purchase.

In addition to the Featured Artwork, we also have on permanent display and for sale several beautiful ceramic and woodworking pieces.


August - November, 2007 Featured Artists:

"Three Souls Exposed"


Regina O'Brien
Regina O'Brien
"My love for photography started from an early age with a Brownie camera savoring every picture to make it count, to the Nikon D100 I now use. My husband bought me my first good film camera, a Pentax K1000, and with that my passion grew until I changed to digital in 2000 before our first trip to Ireland. As technology changed with cameras, computers, and software, I became more fluent with my expressions through photos, and my own greeting cards, and calendars."

"My desire is to share with each person who sees my photos, or who might receive one of my cards, the view that God shares with me as I look out into this big world that God has created. The world can look like a really harsh place, until you realize that each leaf, each dew drop, each color, and each vision comes from beyond us. It is as though God speaks to me through the lens of my camera, and shows me many wonders. Through my photography I can always look out into the world, and see the peace of God, no matter what is going on around me. I hope you can too."

Erin Shea O'Hern

Erin Shea O'Hern

"As an artist, I strive to create universal pieces laced with originality and depth. Because a lot of my work stems from life experiences, art has proved itself a creative outlet allowing me freedom to express myself devoid of solid explanation. This liberty also allows for a universal approach while preserving uniqueness."

"Many of my pieces include digital photography, acrylic paint and various patterns and forms of paper. Layered on canvas, these mediums combine to create a variety of forms of expression and depth. Although most of the work I create is a form of self-expression, my desire is that others will gain some form of inspiration and enjoyment from the piece."

Joyce Melville Vance
Joyce Melville Vance

Joyce Melville Vance is a freelance photographer who has lived in Kansas City all her life. She became interested in photography in the early 80’s while working for the U.S. Customs Service. A co-worker introduced her to what now is her life passion. Money was tight but with an unexpected check, she was able to purchase her first camera, a 35mm Canon AE1 Program. And as the saying goes, “the rest is history.” This would become one of God’s gifts she would truly come to love. In December of 2003, Joyce ventured into the digital world of photography and began shooting with a Nikon D100. This opened up an entire new facet to her, giving her more freedom to create and capture the moment in which she now enjoys even more.

Within her imagination and heart felt thoughts Joyce began capturing these moments in her photography. Joyce is attracted to the uniqueness in everyday things that she photographs, transforming them into expressions of her heart.

“My photography is my life, it is where my heart and passion lies. Most of my photos are a reflection of me – the moods and hurts we feel, in the people we see, reverberating the cycle of life we live day to day traveling sometimes on a road going nowhere.”

“But they all are pieces of who I am.”


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