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405 Main Street
Parkville, Missouri 64152

Tuesday - Saturday
12 PM - 8 PM

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Platte County Magazine

Jennifer is now a contributing author for Platte County Magazine.

February/March, 2008 - "A Brief History of Wine in America"

August/September, 2007 - "Harvest Time in the Vineyards"

June/July, 2007 Premiere Issue - "Wines for the Summer Season"


Jennifer is also a contributing author for various other publications. Check back often to keep up with her musings on all things wine:

Secrets of 'organic' wines, part 2
In Part 1 of our two-part series on organic wines, we explored the various practices used in an organic vineyard. In Part 2, we will look at the techniques employed in the winery itself in producing organic wines.

Secrets of 'organic' wines, part 1
At Wines by Jennifer, we’ve seen an increased interest in “organic” wines, but there is much more to this subject than meets the eye, so let’s spend a few minutes in Part I of this two-part series learning about the various vineyard practices in use today.

Demystifying the German wine label
From falling leaves to brisk fresh air, the signs of fall are everywhere around us. It is once again that wondrous time of year when we can enjoy the many festivals and celebrations of the harvest season.


Read what they're saying about Wines by Jennifer:

Wine Bars We Love
No visit to Kansas City is complete without a visit to beautiful, historic downtown Parkville. And no visit to beautiful, historic downtown Parkville is complete without a visit to Wines by Jennifer.

What's in My Glass and How It Got There
Located right in the middle of America, many might not expect a large exposure to fine wines. Well, Missouri is producing some exquisite wines and I'll share more of that in later posts. Today I wanted to let you know about one of the places I visit when I want to discover a new grape or experience a new wine from around the world. Jennifer and Don Stanton created Wines by Jennifer in Parkville, Missouri. They describe their business as 'A Global Wine Boutique' and spend a few minutes in their shop and you'll enjoy how global it is.

Wine Conoisseur's Dream Becomes Reality
Navigate to page 47 to learn more about how Wines by Jennifer came to be!

Date Night Day Trip
Saturday evening presented a spur-of-the-moment date night for me and my husband. Struck with the last-minute, “what do you want to do?” scenario, we searched online to discover a myriad of events, live concerts, food festivals and theatrical performances around the metro. But, since we were experimenting with new date night options, we jumped in the car to begin our wine tasting journey at Wines by Jennifer in Parkville, Missouri.

Raising the (Wine) Bar in Kansas City
What could be more refined than sipping at one of the numerous wine bars that have bubbled forth in several configurations in the last few years—from snazzy restaurants to counters inside liquor stores to entire spaces devoted to tasting? From Parkville all the way to 135th and State Line—with varied prototypes—it’s certainly all very civilized.

The 10 Coolest Small Towns in America
Parkville was recently rated as one of the "10 Coolest Small Towns in America" by Frommer's Budget Travel magazine. At the top of the list for reasons why? You guessed it: Wines by Jennifer!

Wine and Dine
In a little town, in a little house, lies a big wine experience. Wines by Jennifer is nestled comfortably in a house located on the shady stretch of north Main Street in downtown Parkville. In this fanciful spot rests a wine shop like no other in Our Town.

Parkville experiences upscale growth
64152. It's not 90210, but Parkville's demographics are headed upward.

Wine connoisseur to open specialty shop in Parkville
Jennifer Havens was like many college students: Her drink of choice was beer. But once she graduated, her father was determined to turn his daughter into a wine connoisseur. He was so successful that Havens spent the next 17 years learning about wine. Now she wants to share that interest with others.

Entree news: Parkville will soon have Wines by Jennifer
Jennifer Havens opens Wines by Jennifer, 405 Main St., in Parkville on Tuesday. The wine bar/retail space is housed in a three-story, turn-of-the-century home in historic downtown Parkville.

10 Minutes with Jennifer Havens, owner, Wines by Jennifer
Havens opened her Parkville store in April.

Casual wine drinkers rack 'em up
Consider space, says Jennifer Stanton, owner of Wines by Jennifer in Parkville, MO.

A Fancy Affair
Benjamin Franklin once said, “Wine makes daily living easier, less hurried, with fewer tensions and more tolerance.” Genius that he was, Franklin summed up why wine is the perfect party beverage. Not only does wine break the ice, but it’s classier than the old keg-in-a-black-trashcan routine. And it tastes damn good.

The Bottom Line
Wines by Jennifer is a “Global Wine Boutique” located in lovely and historic Parkville, Missouri. A 15 minute jaunt to the Northland from downtown brings you to one of the most exceptional wine tasting experiences you’ll ever have. Owner Jennifer Havens hand selects quality wines from some of the finest boutique wineries across the globe. Situated in a c.1910 restored house, each room has been uniquely decorated to represent the major wine regions from around the world.

Experience the Unique at Wines by Jennifer
Wines by Jennifer in historic downtown Parkville provides quality wines selected from the finest small boutique wineries around the world.


And here's an article that, while not by or about us, we consider newsworthy because it gives us:

6 Reasons to Drink Wine!
The list of wine’s benefits is long—and getting more surprising all the time. Already well-known as heart-healthy, wine in moderation might help you lose weight, reduce forgetfulness, boost your immunity, and help prevent bone loss.


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